Environmentally-Friendly Road Trip 0

After celebrating Earth Day on April 22, I was thinking about many other aspects of my life in which I could treat as if every day was Earth Day and how I could do my part to sustain our environment and lessen my carbon footprint. I promised myself I would recycle more, buy energy efficient appliances, and find ways to keep my car as eco-friendly as I could. I cannot afford to run out and by a new hybrid vehicle, but I can afford to try and use less gasoline, monitor my emissions, and find an auto repair shop which recycles and uses eco-friendly fluids. I started with partnering with Good Works Auto Repair because they are an environmentally-responsible auto repair shop and they gave me great advice on how I could still drive my car but be conscious about the world around me.


There are several things we can do to make our road trips this summer eco-friendly. I had too many road trips planned with my family to cancel these memorable experiences. Some of the ways to create an eco-friendly, yet still memorable road trip include:

Driving Responsibly – Slamming the brakes and speeding are certainly not necessary means of driving while on vacation – or ever. Aggressive driving wastes gas and is just plain dangerous.

Obeying the Speed Limit – Speed and fuel efficiency are related and auto experts all agree that in order to keep the gas usage down, you must keep the speed down too. This, too, can decrease your carbon footprint which is a big plus for my family.

Planning the Trip Ahead of Time – Whether you use a map or a GPS, finding the shortest, most direct routes to your destination can save on gas and on emissions.

Routinely Maintaining the Vehicle – When your vehicle isn’t in good shape, it uses extra gas and your emissions could be higher than normal. Maintaining oil and tire pressure will also positively impact fuel mileage for your trip.

Packing Smart – Pack less luggage and carry less weight if possible. Also, don’t take more than one vehicle if you don’t have to. Fill the vehicle with passengers, not bags.

Avoiding Several Restaurant Stops – Instead of making several stops to fast-food chains along the way, prepare picnic food and stop at some of the many rest areas along the highways throughout the country. Make it part of the adventure!

This summer, before you hit the road, visit Good Works Auto Repair, your local eco-friendly auto repair shop. Hitting the road without safety checks and preventative maintenance is a dangerous idea for your family and your vehicle. It is always a good idea to have them check vital fluids, brakes, belts, battery, tires, get an oil change and any other routine maintenance services your vehicle could benefit from. Have an enjoyable summer that feels like Earth Day… every day. Eco-friendly road trips are possible with a little planning and some preventative vehicle maintenance services