Staying Safe Around Coral 0

When a person is swimming around coral reefs they may appreciate the beauty. Coral reefs can be very dangerous to swim around and proper precautions must be taken to stay safe when around coral in the ocean.

When a person is swimming, scuba diving, or snorkeling they should never be alone. If something were to happen including getting cut by the coral it is wise to have someone with them. This way a person can assist or they can get help if needed.


A first aid kit should be brought alone when people plan on going in the water. Even when a person tries to watch out and to stay safe accidents including cuts can happen. If someone does get cut by a piece or coral a person should make sure that nothing is stuck in the skin. After this hydrogen peroxide should be applied to the skin to clean the skin. A waterproof bandage may be needed in order to cover the area.

Before heading into the water a person need to be sure to check both the wind and the surf conditions. While reefs and areas around coral are usually safe there are some things that can have an effect on safety conditions. A day with high winds can push a person into the reefs. Strong surf can also push a person around and into the coral. Be sure to head out when the weather and the water conditions are calm.

Be sure to cover exposed skin. There are dive suits and other water gear that can protect the body if a person rubs up against coral. This protective gear can also help a person stay safe from the rays of the sun.

These are some things that a person can do to stay safe around coral. Following these precautions can allow a person to have fun while keeping safety in mind.

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