A day out in Asakusa 0

Asakusa is my favourite part of Tokyo. The district is in the north-eastern section of the city. It was also heavily bombed during world war 2. But, before the war, it was one of the major entertainment districts in Tokyo. It is a little bit touristy with the main temple but it’s also got many cool little bars and restaurants. The soba noodle shop here is one of the best I have been to in Japan, especially after a few beers. I equate soba noodles in Japan to kebabs in Australia after a night on the town.

The temple itself is the oldest in Tokyo. It was built in 645. It was heavily damaged during ww2 though but was completely rebuilt afterwards. Located on the main road is a large gate called the Kaminarimon. In between the gate and the temple is Asakusa Nakamise shopping street. The area was super packed the day we went which was a little bit annoying but you get that at any big tourist place.


As we got to the end of the market street, we were approached by a tv crew who wanted to film us. They wanted to know what we thought of Japanese “clamshell” phones and what sought of phones we had in Australia. After asking about this, they wanted them to do some origami. Anne managed to pull off one of those kids fold up ones where you write the numbers inside it. Was pretty impressive and they seemed to really like that.

Inside the temple, we all donated some money and prayed. I’m not really in to all that spiritual stuff but hey, it can’t hurt, right?

Outside of the temple though they had more ways to help your spirit. One of the ways was to guide smoke on to the areas of your body that needs healing. I put some on my hair and lots of my belly. I don’t think it’s working as I think I am still putting on weight from all the drinking!

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